Episode 29

Women in the Church EPS 29: Anna Morgan on the Billy Graham rule, sexism in the church, women pastors and developing leaders

Ever wondered what some alternatives to the Billy Graham rule could be so that women can still be developed as leaders as much as men can in the church? Anna Morgan has.  She not only has wondered, she has researched this topic and found some practical ways to address this issue so that women and men can both flourish in leadership spaces. Anna Morgan has been in full-time pastoral ministry for over twenty years. She has a background in worship and creative ministries and has been the executive pastor of the ministries of City Church Chicago, a ten-year-old multi-ethnic church in downtown Chicago, for the past five years. Anna is also a leadership coach and trainer, working to develop local church leaders around the US and Australia. Anna earned a masters degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently working on a doctorate of missiology at Fuller Seminary, doing applied research into the development of female leaders in local churches. Anna has been married to John Morgan for fourteen years and has three adult daughters. You can find her at City Church Chicago and on Linkedin and Facebook. Stay In Touch: Connect on Facebook and Instagram with thoughts, questions, and feedback. Rate, review and share this podcast with anyone that would love to listen.  On Clubhouse @loriadbr. Find Us Online: @aworldof.difference on Instagram and A World of Difference on Facebook on Twitter at @loriadbr https://linktr.ee/aworldofdifference


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