Episode 96

Wellness: JJ DiGeronimo on Tech Savvy Women, Career Wisdom, Men as Allies for Women at Work, and Occupational Well-Being

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JJ DiGeronimo is an author, keynote speaker and founder She led global teams out of Silicon Valley at VMWare for 8 years and has been on several boards. She founded TechSavvy Women almost 15 years ago. She offers wisdom about career, mindfulness, soul work and business.

With two-award winning books, an international podcast, and action-based keynotes, JJ DiGeronimo shares career strategies with Women in Business to accelerate their next level of influence & impact. 

She founded Together We Seek, a place for women to come together in a safe space to explore together. She provides insight, wisdom, and connection through her books and keynotes to unleash the wisdom within.

Check out her books:

Accelerate Your Impact: Action-based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path 

The Working Woman’s GPS, When the Plan to Have it All has Led You Astray

Her podcast is: Career Strategies for Women that Work

Find her helpful career content on You Tube


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